Eye on Fashion|The Jean Jacket

KRISTIE BRADLEY PHOTOGRAPHY  here to talk to you about a favorite staple in my closet, the jean jacket. Anyone who knows me or sees me often in the Fall and Spring will know that I love my jean jacket. It goes great with dresses, shorts and a cute pair of colored capris. All great options for senior session outfits! The jean jacket has made it through many years and many trends. They come in an insane amount of styles. From cropped to colored you can’t go wrong. An edgier senior could get away with the super fun cutout look shown below. Want to create a classier look? Button it up! A jacket is a great layering option for those sessions where it starts to get colder in the evening. You can use it over the shoulder in a pose and then put it on over a dress as the temperature drops. It offers a great variety of shots!

The Jean Jacket
Jean Jacket - Color