Eye on Fashion|Smart is the New Cool! – Glasses

I get a lot of clients asking “should I wear my glasses?” Yes! If you have seniors who normally wear glasses why should they leave them off for their senior portraits?! What I like to do is do pictures with both. Some with glasses, and some with them off or used as an accessory in a pocket or hand. Glasses can add character and personality to a portrait. Heck, nowadays there are kids wearing glasses with fake lenses purely for the style impact! Colored glasses, tortoise shell and slim frames are all great options.

Tip for photographing glasses:
– make sure you keep your aperture smaller , a 4 or 5.6, so that the eyes and lenses are both in focus since they are on different planes

Smart is the new cool!

Tomorrow marks the first day of school here in Virginia, glasses are a great addition to the new year accessories. Smart is the new cool!

Glasses|Growing Trend

Glasses are a great accessory for guys too!

{Image by Kristie Bradley Photography}