Eye on Fashion|Senior Swagger – Guy Style

Wow, when I saw the cover of the January Issue of Senior Style Guide I was so inspired! Wyn Wiley Photography killed it! I loved that his model was dressed to the nines in a super dapper suit and seriously looked like he walked off the runway in NYC!

Today’s post is inspired by that image. You are going to be blown away by the SSG Guy Issue. On sale January 15th! So, read a bit about guy style today and then mark your calendars to get the supercharged version!

First, like I mentioned above, I love the dressed and dapper look. Our girls get glam and gorgeous so let’s encourage our guys to do the same. How amazing to see them all cleaned up and ready to enter the world(I know tears for Moms! Haha).

The Suit: Clean, Classy, Cutting Edge

All guys need a suit. The choices are endless and can really be a creative decision. Wear a bow tie, skinny tie, classic tie or no tie! Colorful or neutral tones. It is all about who the guy is. Encourage your teen guys to invest in this must have wardrobe ensemble.

Eye on Fashion - Senior Swagger Guy Style



On the other side of this I think it is important to be able to dress a suit down. Blazers are great for layering. Collared shirts, t-shirts or sweaters are all seasonal ways to create layer, texture and add color under a blazer.

EOF - blazers dressed down



And last but not least a little bit of posing inspiration for the guy sessions. Enjoy and get excited for SO much more on the 15th!