Eye on Fashion|Nail Rescue Kit

StudioFBJ is back and she has an awesome tip and DIY for us photographers to have on hand!


                                                                                            Photo: Kristie Bradley Photography

Nail Rescue Kit

Each year, I try to update my must have beauty emergency kits. These kits are always a dressing room staple that come in handy during senior sessions. Thus far, I have a small arsenal of items such as a sewing kit, lotion to soften dry legs, bug spray, and Wisps (disposable tooth brushes). This year, I finally got around to putting together a nail care kit! Although, I pre-educate my clients on all the must do’s before their photo session, nail care being one of them, inevitably I will have several each year rolling in from vacation with chipped polish…on toes, hands, or both.

Last week I spotted the most precious Jelly Jar collection at Target, and I knew what I wanted to do with it! So here is your beauty Emergency Jelly Jar Nail Kit brand new for 2015!

I purchased all of my items at Target and the entire Kit was around $6.00 to put together. However, this Kit will last you for a while. It will service a great number of ladies, in a very cute and well thought out way.

You will need:

-Jelly Jar of medium size

Locate your travel section at Target and purchase:

-One all purpose nail kit,

-Individual nail polish remover pads. (In the nail poilish section)

-One (NYC brand) Clear Polish


The Jelly Jar Nail Kit will last through several seniors before replenishing!

Once I got home, I simply added items to my Jar and TA-DA, emergency- all in one- Jelly Jar Nail Kit.


I am in love!



Joy Pfister

Studio FBJ