Eye on Fashion|Including the Family

Especially this time of year, many of my seniors{or their Moms} want to sneak in a pic of the family during their session. If I can work this into my location and time frame,  I am all about having the family jump in at the end of one of the senior’s looks! It is definitely family picture season right now and what a great way to add on a must have image/product to your session. Everyone is getting ready for the holidays and why not “kill two birds with one stone?” That is such a negative quote for a positive thing..haha:) How about “add to your client experience and offer them even more amazing images to choose from!” Better:)

I digress….when my clients ask about this, and we can work it out, I also get the question, “Then what should WE wear?”
Many families are stumped on what to wear. With this situation it is a bit easier when you have the senior’s outfit to work off of. I tell them to COORDINATE with the senior’s outfit. Don’t be too matchy but pull colors and accent colors from the outfit. You don’t want two people to have the same colored top because they would blend together if they are next to each other. So, for example, if the senior is wearing a teal top, Mom could wear a teal dress but layer an ivory sweater over top. This creates unity in the outfits, but they won’t blend together. Dad and brother have colors that compliment the outfit as well. Olive pants go with the olive skirt on our senior and a maroon sweater creates a nice contrast in colors and looks great with the Fall leaves! {See my post on Colors for more ideas to coordinate with!} Don’t forget about accessories like watches, necklaces and maybe a great mustard accent scarf for the senior!

I hope this helps with the mystery question “what do WE wear” when working with seniors and their families! – KRISTIE