Eye on Fashion|Car Crazy

I always love when my seniors want to incorporate something they love into their session. One of my favorite props is their car! Cars are super fun and full of character. I particularly love an old vintage car or truck! So why not use that as an inspiration?! Color, texture, and era can all play into a great outfit. Some of my favorite cars are used to inspire outfits below. Try a VW bug for a hippie chick look, or a rough and tough Firebird for a classy tough girl. I think I am a 70’s girl at heart, because VW’s and bell bottoms(see my first EOF post about them) are a favorite of mine. A VW van is an awesome surfer girl prop! An of course you can’t forget the classic Ford truck for those country girls and guys!  – KRISTIE

Car Inspired - Firebird Rough and Tough
Car Inspired - Gone Country
Car Inspired - VW Van Surfer Girl
Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 9.28.57 AM