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Today’s post is a bit different, but I hope it will be just what you need. I am so excited to be able to share with you a project that I have been planning for some time. Eye on Fashion is here to  provide inspiration, encouragement, motivation and sometimes simply eye candy. I like to share information that I think can help other photographers connect with their clients, but also inspire them to try new things and experiment. That is exactly what this project was about! Let me tell you how it all came to life…

Awhile back I caught an episode of America’s Next Top Model. I don’t get to watch it much, but when I do, I am rarely  disappointed. The array of  very unique challenges presented to the models and photographers is always inspiring. I find that seeing the styles, interaction, inspiration and final product come to life is my favorite part of the show. Well, this particular episode featured a unique image. While watching the reveal of the model’s competition image, suddenly the photograph blinked! What?! It caught me so off guard and I had to know how to create something like that. It had inspired me!

As a photographer it is so hard to get caught in the grind of all the things we think we must do, but it is so important to find time to experiment, try new ideas and fulfill a vision. One of my goals is to make my clients feel like they get something special from me, something unique. I particularly like to give my Spokesmodels something that they wouldn’t get anywhere else. This year it was The Cinemagraph! I did my research after that ANTM episode and found out that the crazy blinking image was a combination of video and still image. I loved the idea. Video is another part of my business that I am growing so I was excited to dabble in it in this unique way. You can read more about the history  of Cinemagraphs on my own blog HERE.
I wanted to share a few of my final images in hopes that my story and final product inspire you to take the leap and try out that project, photo trick or idea that keeps popping in your head! Then share it with us! We love seeing our community and fellow photographers being creative. Heck, try out a Cinemagraph and show us your result!


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Equipment Needed:
Items that will be in motion – I planned this out ahead of time because I was doing so many models on one day. You want something that can be repeated over and over again. Wind blown hair, bubbles, dangling earrings are all options that seem to work well.
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended or above(lower version do not support video)
For sharing I used a few mobile apps – GIFShare and Videoshop on my iPhone

Session Information:

Images Copyright Kristie Bradley Photography
Styling by Altar’d State
Hair and Makeup by StudioFBJ, Makeup by Ashley, Hair Designs by Jessica and Nicole Laughlin
Backdrop hand painted by Kristie Bradley