Eye on Fashion| Winter Lips by StudioFBJ

I am so excited to welcome a new voice to our Eye on Fashion posts! We will be introducing amazing makeup and beauty tips from my very good friend and fellow photographer Joy of StudioFBJ. I cannot wait for all of the awesome things she has to share with you as a guest contributor to Eye on Fashion! – KRISTIE

Today she is sharing tips on saving those Winter’s Lips!


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and more and more clients coming into the studio with dry, cracking lips, I thought a little talk about our “Kisser” might be appropriate.  Dry cracking lips are never fun in post processing and can cause lip colors to go on unevenly, leaving a bumpy mess for you to have to fix later. Yuck!

 Let’s treat clients to a short and sweet therapy that will instantly leave lips soft and smooth and your post time lipless.  Put your pennies aside, because you’re going to jump over this DIY Kisser Kit!

 Your clients will absolutely love this, and it’s so inexpensive to make that you can make it in bulk and give each client one! Change the flavors for the season! What a boutique treat!

 I visited Whole Foods Market to purchase all of my ingredients! It really was so much fun. Whole Foods had a small section of DIY that I could simply buy the pre-made sugar mixes in yummy flavors and fantastic scents. Lavender, Peppermint and Rosemary- oh my! Lime, Grapefruit and Bergamot-oh yes! Although you can make the scrub with simple white sugar, these simply splendid mixes were too much fun to resist.




At the Checkout:

-Organic Coconut oil: $11.99 at Whole Foods. (Trader Joes had this for $5.99 but they were all out.)
-Bulk Coca Butter: $2.47
-Bulk Sugar Scrub: $3.00 each for 1 oz.
-I found some great containers in the jewelry section at Michaels that worked perfectly for size that cost: $9.99 for about 20 small containers, but with my 40% off coupon I got a deal! If you want to pack them for your clients, Michael’s has a cheaper section of cute stuff where I found adorable zip bags to create my Kisser Kit. I am planning to give these to my model team to use before their first shoot!


Let’s Get Cooking!:

I really did not even measure everything. That’s just the kind of terrible cook I am. I am a makeup artist and photographer, not a chef. I just used a little more of the bees wax to create a more solid lip balm. The Sugar Scrub was totally easy. I mixed Coconut Oil with equal parts of the Sugar Scrub that I picked up at Whole Foods.


Sugar Scrub:

1 part Sugar

1part Coconut oil

Scoop into a bowl and stir.


Homemade Lip Balm:

2oz. Bees Wax

1oz. Cocoa Butter (smells like chocolate)

2.5 Oz. Coconut Oil

Place all of the parts into a pan. I used a double boiler set-up, so that your pan does not get too hot too fast. Melt all. Pour into containers. HOT. Be careful.


This is the type of experience that clients adore and sets you apart from the rest! Don’t forget- It’s the little things!


Joy Pfister – StudioFBJ www.studiofbj.com

Joy is a nationally published photographer and award winning makeup artist located in Hanover, Va. She owns and operates StudioFBJ, a photography, hair and makeup studio.