EYE ON FASHION | trick or treat

tonight, my husband and I are taking clark kent and dorothy trick or treating. 🙂
I LOVE halloween…it’s a chance to dress up and honestly, who doesn’t like getting candy?!
(I may feel otherwise tomorrow!) 😉
in light of the fact that I’ve had oz on my mind this past last week,
I thought I’d take a look at what it might look like if we were to put dorothy and her evil nemesis in 2013 as trendy SSGer’s!

for dorothy, I went the boho-chic route…in keeping on trend with overall’s making a comeback,
for her signature red shoes, I opted for my favorite designer’s urban boot’s instead…
add a slouchy boho hat and she and the scarecrow are ready to hit their senior session with style! 😉


for the wicked witch…I went all black.
all black is a chic, modern way to style yourself as long as you keep in mind to mix and match textures…
if you stick with only one texture, it tends to makes your senior images a little “flat”.
I paired a beautiful silk kimono with lace detail with the new trend of “leather” leggings…
add in wedge shoes, striped socks and emerald accessories and you’re sure to shine…
albeit slightly evil-ish if you can’t keep that evil laugh on the downlow. 😉

DECONSTRUCTING | the wicked witch

happy halloween to you all…whether you’re the hander-outer of the candy or the consumer of the candy 🙂
MUCH love and stop by and say hi!