Eye on Fashion – Themed Tea Party Shoot

Summer’s here – Woohoo!  It’s Stacey D from Stacey Dershem Photography here with another themed Eye on Fashion.  For those of us Senior shooters who live in weather extremes (too hot, windy, cold, etc to shoot…), the month right after graduations is a fabulous time to organize group shoots.  These images are perfect to use for marketing collateral you’ll need when the season kicks up again in the fall.  In my last column, I brought you some ideas for a Boho-themed shoot.  Today’s theme is “tea party/garden party”.  This was by far the easiest themed shoot I’ve ever had to costume; I just asked the girls to wear pastel-colored spring dresses.  They couldn’t have done any better coordinating colors than if we’d all gone shopping together!  For props, I made a list of tea party/garden party kinds of supplies and for those items I didn’t have, the girls were able to fill in the blanks.   When we got to the park, I simply asked the girls to do actions associated with the props we’d brought with us.  Take a look at the fun results we ended up with!


I’ve got another themed shoot coming up for you next time….can’t wait to show you.  Hint:  it’s a popular movie…….

Stop by my FB Site and let me know if you have any other fun ideas for themed shoots!

Have a great summer!

Stacey D