EYE ON FASHION | the MALE photographer

the last post I wrote about fashion was for YOU – the fashionable photographer…
and in doing so, I overlooked a very important demographic to Senior Style Guide…
the MALE fashionable photographer! 🙂
I apologize for overlooking you men out there!
my only excuse in being a WOman, is that I tend to think solely female. 😉
not this week!
it’s high-time I paid attention to the fashionable MALE photographer…so gentlemen?!
this one is for you! 🙂

I have to say a quick thank you to Ryan, Tim, Josh, Aaron, Eli + Kris for helping me with my research for this article…
again, I’m claiming the girl-card and leaned heavily on these fashionable men to declare what I think would be helpful tips for male photographer’s looking for a little fashion as they head out to their sessions!

first, let’s talk about the gear…nope, not canon vs. nikon…but bags and straps that actually work for you – the photographer!
function and simplicity won out in these two categories…
and surprisingly, the messenger-style bag competed pretty evenly with the backpack-style bag.
Quicksilver and Dakine ranked high in function while maintaining an of-the-now fashion-sense…
as far as straps…I really liked the Moore + Gils timeless leather strap…a function-able, classy approach to camera straps!

fashion camera gear for the MALE photographer

aside from the gear, simplistic-functional clothing was the topic of conversation…
below I deconstructed what I think what a fashionable photographer might wear to a senior session…
and the only thing I’ll stress is the non-visual element to your wardrobe, men…
for me, it’s a deal breaker…if my sinus’ are singed after a session, that session will be memorable for an entirely
different reason than the images. 🙂
swiss army is my all-time favorite go-to scent when clients ask me (and they do!)…
it’s a clean, just-fresh-out-of-the-shower smell that again, is timeless in my opinion!

DECONSTRUCTING | the male photographer

so that’s fashion for the MALE fashionable photographer!
I appreciate your opinions and as always,
MUCH love to you and feel free to drop by to say hello!