Eye on Fashion: Teen Fashion // The Little Black Dress

When I was younger, I spent most of my life enrolled in a small private school which made uniforms mandatory. Through day after day of wearing khakis, polos, and blouses, I began finding ways to creatively incorporate my style and individuality through the rigid uniformity of wearing the same thing day after day: I amassed a rather large collection of sweaters, scarves, shoes, jewelry, etc.

Though my elementary days certainly were trying as regards to my personal style, it taught me the very valuable skill of “being able to wear one outfit a million different ways”- something very useful when it comes to the little black dress that is lurking in all of our closets…

The little black dress- something every girl is supposed to own. But really, when/how are you supposed to wear it? The possibilities are endless.


For a fancy “night out” look, black on black usually works best(Black shoes, sheer black tights, etc.)- although a dash of color in a piece of jewelry or accessory is always fun!

For semi-formal looks, I’d recommend colored pleather jackets, or fun tights. LBD’s can also be dressed down just as easily! Pair a baggy sweater with a pair of boots and you’ve got a perfect fall ensemble.


As black is pretty much the easiest color to match clothing with- the possibilities of LBD ensembles are virtually endless. So have fun, be creative, and don’t forget to embrace your inner elementary schooler 🙂


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