EYE ON FASHION | sunglasses

get your shine on


nero wore emerald lens’ in his sunglasses as he watched gladiator fights.
early chinese men wore flattened smoky quartz in theirs.
jackie o. put oversized sunglasses on the map.
john lennon immortalized his simplistic round frames.
and who can forget the infamous tom cruise line as he wore Ray Ban’s aviators? “I feel the need…the need for SPEED.”

yup, sunglasses have been around for quite a long time.
and while their main purpose it to protect your pretty peeper’s from the sun’s harmful rays, who says you can’t look cute being responsible?! 🙂

my favorite designer’s for this spring/summer season are Vans, Ray Ban & Jessica Simpson. And my favorite place to find them? Zappo’s…you just can’t go wrong! 🙂

the need for speed


so what are you favorite sunnies? are you a laid-back wayfarer kind of a girl? or does your hipster show in your lennon-esque shades?
thanks for reading SSG and let me know YOUR favorites!

much love!






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