Eye On Fashion | spring

hello spring

in my part of the country, spring is in full bloom!
(I’m sorry for the rest of you still in snow and less than seventy degree weather…it’s coming, I promise!)
orange, yellow and purple wildflowers are bathing the desert mountains in colorful beauty!
and my clients are beginning to shorten the hem lines and lose some of the layers from winter…

here’s some visual eye candy for those of you wanting to join in the spring fever!
I’m simply loving the trends of bright yellow’s and then contrasted with sweet pastels!
and fashionista’s…keep the lace coming!
raquel blogged about it here and had some great ideas for incorporating lace into your senior session! 🙂

signs of light
sweet pastels

happy monday and HAPPY spring! 🙂
until next time, much love!






kreatid is a senior photographer based out of phoenix, arizona.