social media AND fashion.
a seriously great combination. 🙂
social media is a FANTASTIC way to be the type of girl that is one step ahead of the next big fashion trend!
twitter, instagram, facebook are all great tools for you to use in your endeavors of being crowned local fashion queen.
the way I look at it, it’s kind-of like having your own portal to different parts of the country, getting to view who is wearing who and what is coming next without even having to leave the comfort of your couch. (okay, sweatpants…it’s still early.) 😉

so who should you like?
who should you follow?

here is a list of my three latest favorites for SSG girls wanting inspiration in having that extra “edge” in fashion inspiration:

besides having a seriously cool and unique name, she is quickly becoming a household name for her modern and edgy graphic design abilities.
but more often than not – it’s her incredible hair and fashion sense that have people talking. 🙂

from her own mouth in being asked what her style is: “Passionate, Rock-n-Roll, Whimsical, Free, Colorful.”

—>photo credit: andrea Lindquist<—

SSG girls who like to view life a bit more colorfully with a RnR edge, follow what inspires promise on her twitter and instagram feeds where she posts on a regular basis!

brooke’s experience in the music industry (top five finish on American Idol and now as a relevant independent artist) teamed with summer’s experience’s in the modeling industry (clients like target, glamour, + vidal sassoon) make for the perfect duo to “bring inspiration to women who want to be stylish, sexy all while retaining high standards in dress, entertainment & lifestyle.”

their combined style, seen most often on: their blog, twitter, instagram + facebook,
reminds me a little bit of zooey deschanel meets audrey hepburn.
definitely two women worth seeking out for fashion inspiration for the SSG girl who appreciates classic beauty with a little bit of quirk thrown in. 🙂

last but not least, melissa of bubby and bean is a great follow for the SSG girl who tends to be a bit more eco-friendly while still maintaing timeless and fashionable trends.

melissa is a notable sustainable fashion designer + industry leader, illustrator and blogger.
her ability to pair “vintage-inspired timelessness with clean, modern lines and elegant detailing” has me coming back to her social media outlet’s again and again for inspiration!

find bubby and bean on: twitter, facebook, and her fabulous blog!

so enjoy SSG girls!
leave a comment for fashion leader’s you follow…I’d love to see who/what inspires you!

as always, MUCH love…






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