Eye on Fashion | Skater Dresses

Today’s Eye on Fashion is all about one of the hottest silhouettes of the season–skater dresses–as is brought to you by Ashley with Ashley Westphal Seniors!  This sweet silhouette is flattering, and is super versatile. You can make your skater dress California cool, Nantucket preppy, retro, uber girly, and even a little edgy!  They can be dressed up with heels and jewelry and dressed down with flats or sandals.  Additionally, skater dresses often come with sleeves so they can be great for a senior who doesn’t love her arms or a photographer who doesn’t love armpits. 😉

Skater Dresses 1
Skater 5
Skater Dress 2
Skater Dress 3
Skater 4f
Skater 7
Ashley Westphal is a senior portrait photographer serving the Atlanta, GA metro and the Grand Forks, ND area.  Ashley utilizes fashion posing and professional makeup to help bright+bold+fearless seniors capture the moment between having a dream and chasing a dream.