if you know me personally, or follow my pin boards on pinterest,
you had to know that at some point I would be discussing the all-important topic of shoes! 😉

in my mind, shoes are the perfect accessory!
you have to wear them…why not have fun with them?!

since spring is here, your choices have widened a bit from the full-coverage-don’t-get-frost-bit-land of shoe wearing to
showing off a little bit more of your freshly-polished-ready-to-see-the-world toes!

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here are a few of my favorites for spring:

sandals are an easy pick…and you can never have too many! gladiator, flip-flop, sling-backs…they’re all amazing!
this season pay attention to the stud and metallic trends! 🙂


or how about my personal favorite and go-to…WEDGES!
steve madden is one of my all-time favorite designers and they typically wear well and don’t have your feet crying by the end of the day!


for spring, boot season isn’t quuuuiiite over yet, so keep on flaunting your good taste!
free people, zappo’s, dsw are all great places to find incredible deals on boots if you’re looking to expand your selection!

boots by kreatid featuring a suede bootie


so what’s your favorite go-to shoe of the season?!

as always, much love to you all!






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