Eye On Fashion | Senior Wardrobe Challenge!

Hi everyone!  It’s Stacey D from Stacey Dershem Photography again, and I’m VERY excited to bring you a new twist on Eye on Fashion.  I wanted to see if it was possible to put together the “Ultimate Senior Photoshoot Wardrobe” all in one store.  I enlisted the help of Kami Murphy, owner of Apricot Lane Boutique in Wichita, Kansas.  I asked Kami to put together a Senior Photoshoot wardrobe consisting of three outfits:  Casual, Classic/Dressy, and Trendy.  I absolutely LOVED what she and her team came up with!   One of Kami’s team members, the lovely Ms Avery, modeled the wardrobe selections for us:


Outfit 1  Casual


Colored denim continues to be one of the hottest trends this Spring, according to Kami.  The ladies paired the deep coral skinny jean here with a top in everyone’s favorite color – mint!   This is a cute and lively take on the “Casual” outfit.  We’re off to a great start!


Outfit 2 – Classic/Dressy



I love what the girls did here – showing this fun patterned dress with the cropped cream jacket to give us a dressy but on-trend look.  Kami advises that low heels and flat sandals with dresses are definitely “In”  this season. I love how the flat sandal paired with the more formal look gives the whole outfit an overall youthful appearance.


Outfit 3  – Trendy



In our Trendy outfit, the ladies are showing us two hot looks – the ombre coloring on Avery’s dress, and the short distressed denim jacket.  Kami says that the denim jackets are flying out of the store, and we all know how popular the ombre has been!


Other Fashion Trends

While Avery was changing outfits, I had an opportunity to ask Kami to share some more Spring Fashion highlights with us:


What’s Hot in Jewelry?  Stacking and Gold!


Kami tells us that stacks of bracelets continue to be popular, and the best way to do it is  – “almost to the point of excess”!   You can see how the girls have added bangle stacks on both of Avery’s arms in this outfit.  Take a look back on the ombre/trendy outfit, and you’ll see they’ve done the same thing there – mixing bracelet colors and metals.  Speaking of metals, Kami says that GOLD is the hot metal for Spring.


What’s the very hottest item in the store?  The denim/lace short!


I absolutely LOVE these denim and lace shorts, and Kami says I’m definitely not alone – this is THE “Must-Have” item for Spring.


Fun New Color Combinations?  Experiment!



This color combo caught my eye right away – I love how they’re showing mint with purple in this fun look.  Don’t be afraid to experiment!  The other thing the store is seeing color-wise is LOTS of neon!  They were showing it on many different pieces, from neon stripes on cream sweaters, to neon accents woven into patterned blouses.  Such a fresh, eye-catching look!

So there you have it, my fellow couture gurus!  It is DEFINITELY possible to put together your Senior Photoshoot Wardrobe all in one store, but still achieve different looks. I want to express my sincere thanks to Avery and Kami (pictured below) for showing us how to build the looks with style and flair.



I’ll see you all next time!  I’d love for you to stop by and say Hi on Facebook!  I’m thinking about doing this challenge with other stores – drop by and let me know who you’d like to see!

Stacey D