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pop of red


I’m totally obsessed with it right now.
it also doesn’t help my obsession that valentine’s day is right around the corner!
but honestly, it’s the perfect pop-of-color for my sessions lately!
it easily compliments army jackets,
adds a little sass to your normal brown leather wedges,
make toes + fingers stand out against the cold weather that seems to be overtaking the nation!
BUT if I had to narrow down my obsession right now,
I think my favorite trend in using this pop-of-color is the red-lips.
katy perry, rihanna, blake lively, gwen stefani…all rocking the red lips.
shoot!  taylor swift even wrote her record about red while rocking the red-lip trend!
(that’s like the inception of red-lip trend setting!) 😉

so how do you incorporate it into your next session?
I promise, it’s a lot easier than it looks…
you can easily add these four beauty items to your fashion fix-it kit that I wrote about a few weeks ago!
(which I KNOW all of you senior photog’s now have in the back your cars!) 😉

I like the make-up line Loreal, but feel free to pick your own!
I also hear that there are die-hard Mac & Chanel fan’s of red out there! 🙂
you’ll need:

so now what?

  1. use your pinkie to dab a very small amount of foundation to your clients lips…it’s to help remove the pigment of their current lip color.
  2. line her lips with the Lip Liner…this is important to help with bleeding…and a nice outline makes her lips pop!
  3. fill in with the True Red lipstick!  blot once on a tissue once and then fill in where needed.
  4. lightly gloss the “heart” of her lips…it creates a little more 3-D full effect rather than coating the whole lip.

WHALLAH! insta-pop-of-red!

*I do need to add a bit of a warning to this trend though…
keep the rest of your clients make-up minimal and fresh…it allow your client stand out and NOT her make-up!
ALSO, save it for the end of your client’s session…it doesn’t need to be for every image! 🙂

I had the beautiful Sophie demonstrate what a simple pop of red looks like for this mini-session:
(we kept her make-up fresh and minimal for this first image…everything BUT the lip.)


beautiful girl – buuuut with a pop-of-red:
(*note – we didn’t change anything except her lips for this next shot.)


isn’t it AMAZING what a little pop-of-red does to the whole image…LOVE it and thank you Sophie!
I’d love to hear how you’re incorporating red into your sessions!
and as always, MUCH love!







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