can you feel it?! 🙂
Memorial Day has always signified to me the “un-official” start to summer!
more than likely, most of you fashionista’s are wrapping up BBQ’s + picnic’s with friends celebrating the freedom that so many of our loved one’s have fought for us to have in this amazing county!

since summer is here (I declare it) ;), picnic’s and pool parties are right around the corner…
so the big question is what are you going to choose to shine in?!!
the newest trend I’ve seen designer’s playing with is the textile use of our very own American Flag!
keep in mind that with this particular trend, less is more
choose one statement piece to build off and let your patriotism AND fashion sense shine!

get your Patriotism on!

as always, much love to you all! 🙂
feel free to stop by and say hi! or better yet, post a pic on my facebook page showing your patriotism! 😉






jen of kreatid photography + design is a senior photographer based out of Arizona.