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I love to, you love to…we all LOVE to!
and what better excuse to go shopping than for your upcoming senior session!
BUT, if we all shopped in the same stores, it’d make it kinda hard to be unique!
I think that’s why I like online shopping…there is a whole WORLD of shopping to be done right at your fingertips!
and unique, non-breaking-the-bank shopping at that!

so where would I recommend you to go for the latest trends that won’t break your pocket-book?!
here’s three of my “go-to” favorites (keep in mind everything I’m going to show you is $10-$80!):


their inventory tends to sell out quickly, so if you see it and have it in your size, buy it!
they sell out quickly because they’re known for having unique, boho-inspired, vintage-inspired clothing/shoes/accessories.
follow them on facebook + twitter for up-to-date inventory and specials…
also, check out their pinterest boards for new inspiration!
they are a family based business out of Washington and definitely are one of the first places I tell my clients who like the natural bohemian look!

cream blouseaztecjacketbootspromdress

my second “go-to” online boutique is:


this Southern California company is slightly edgier and modern than the previous company I mentioned.
it would be for the girl who was in-to color blocking, or leather or bright modern colors and body-conscious construction.
I would recommend this to a client that was looking for a more architectural or urban session!


my third “go-to” online boutique and last one for today’s post is:


I love the details of this boutique!
it definitely leans towards the bohemian look but you can find some edgier trends as well.
two sisters started this company because of their love of fashion and the details that fashion shows off…they know a woman’s body well and pick collections that flatter most women!


I’d love to hear what your favorite on-line boutiques are…
feel free to drop by and say hi!
and as always, MUCH love!
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