Eye On Fashion | One Outfit 3 Ways Challenge

Hey there Fashion Fans, it’s Stacey D with another Eye On Fashion Challenge.  Today, I wanted to see if we could take one basic outfit (grey top/yellow capris), and create 3 totally different looks.  Helping me with this challenge were Calley from Redbird Boutique in Wichita, KS, and the lovely Sarah from Kapaun Mt. Carmel High School.   Here we go:



For our first outfit, we paired the capris and shirt with an adorable flat (flats are IN this Spring), a navy blazer, and a large statement necklace.  This would be the “classic” look that I ask all of my Seniors to select as one of the outfits for their sessions. We’re off to a good start!



This time we wanted a more “fun, casual” look.  We accessorized with a multi-colored infinity scarf in a trendy pattern, a cute pair of aqua sandals, and gorgeous teal jewelry.  Totally adorable and so different from the first outfit.  Sarah looks all ready for Spring (even though it was SNOWING while we were shooting!  I kid you not.)



For our final ensemble, we went with a moderately dressy look.  A chic long cardigan and pink belt give the outfit yet another look.  We went back to the flat shoe, and added some soft-toned jewelry that pulled the sweater and belt together:



These accessories nicely demonstrate the current jewelry trend of NOT having “matchy-matchy jewelry”.


And there you have it!  It’s totally possible to get VERY unique looks from your wardrobe simply by being just a little creative with your accessories.  Have fun experimenting; I can’t wait to see what you can come up with.  Special thanks to Sarah, as well as Calley and Tina of Redbird Boutique!

See you next time with an NEW challenge!

Stacey D