EYE ON FASHION | nail it

shadow and light.
the idea that two seemingly opposite entities can actually complement, not oppose, each other.

when it comes to fashion, details matter.
all the way to the tips of your fingers!
and now that we’re half-way through the summer, you’re more than likely thinking about the details of your up-coming senior session!
two trends that are as ying/yang as they come in the nail world are: nude and it’s ever-opposite friend, dark.

the nude nail trend can give your over-all look a classy, effortless + finished look.
this trend isn’t to set your nails in the forefront, but rather simplifying and enhancing the other attributes you have to offer.
think of it as a sort-of “wind beneath your wings” supporting role to the rest of your fashionable accessories! 🙂

nailed it | nude

looking for a little more drama?
look no further than the dark side for your fingertips!
to be honest, dark nails have been long isolated to the “edgy” somewhat “goth” crowd.
no more segregation, please. 🙂
marchesa and vera wang were some of the designer’s utilizing the fashionable-ness of this dramatic trend this past year.
little tip? deep chocolate browns, and midnight blues are easier to try out if you’re new to this trend…however, if you excel at being a drama-queen, tuxedo it up and let your tips SHINE!

NAILED IT | the dark side

as always, MUCH love! I’d love to hear how you “nailed it” with your fashionable tips…drop me a line on my facebook page! 🙂






jen of kreatid photography is a senior photographer based out of arizona.