EYE ON FASHION | mixing music + fashion

fashion has long used music as a source of inspiration for its changing trends…

think about it, when you think of the 70’s,
you can’t help but see/hear visions of woodstock from artist’s like
Jimi Hendrix rocking the bell-bottoms + bandana “peace” look,

or in the 80’s?
Madonna led the way with her frosted ratted out hair with floppy hair ties, layers upon layers of bracelets/gloves,
and mixed tulle skirts with leggings.
P.S. I blame the heavy metal boy bands for the everything-must-be-torn-ripped-shredded obsessed fashion craze. 😉
yes, you know you were in-it-to-win-it when you could successfully bleach and rip that new pair of Guess jeans perfectly. 😉

somewhere in the 90’s we chased waterfall’s with TLC and
you couldn’t touch us when MC Hammer busted out harem pants.
farmer’s everywhere rejoiced at the Nirvana grungy-overall-flannel obsession…however, if you were REALLY trendy…that one overall strap was flung carelessly over the shoulder in defiance of actually being compared to a farmer! 😉 (see the movie CLUELESS if you are clueless about what I mean!) 😉

in the early 2000’s fashion and music mixed with female pop sensations like britney spears and JLO.
the rise on our jeans got waaaaay lower, the vee’s on our tee’s got deeper as hits like “oops, I did it again” and “jenny from the block” were obsessively overplayed on the radio.

thankfully we are in beautiful 2014 where fashion has managed to not replicate, but emulate the antic’s of the ever-colorful music artist’s fashion whims.

for today’s EYE ON FASHION, I’ve taken two mainstream female artists and tried to show you a few ways to incorporate your love for “the music that moves your soul” without sacrificing good fashion sense…like I said the goal is to incorporate timelessly, not replicate.

first up is katy perry.
I LOVE her bold-do-what-I-want-extreme fashion sense on the red carpet…say what you want about her, she is stunningly beautiful and confident woman.
HOWEVER, just because she stuns on the red-carpet doesn’t mean it translates perfectly into your corner of the world,
so how to incorporate?
well, take the idea of her love of music in a dress…it’s feminine with a slight edge.
I’ve paired a few things that might help you see how to maybe incorporate (albeit slightly hipster-ish) this bold love of music into your next senior session:

beat of a different drum

my last look is one I see time and again, but I see it time and again for a reason:
it’s timeless and feminine.
taylor swift has made the simple white lace dress a staple in most young girls closets.
I would shoot this look in a field with long grasses and sunshine streaming into my lens,
my client would blend into her natural backdrop instead of be front and center and
adding in updated-cowgirl boots or the ever popular “katniss” boots gives this look the slight unique edge to an otherwise pretty and feminine look.
hair plays into this look as well, keep it simple and natural…YOU are the star of this look…not your clothes!

teardrops on my guitar

as always, I’d LOVE to see how you mix your love of music + fashion into your next session…you can find me here:

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MUCH love,