Eye on Fashion: Makeup Tips – Set Bag Series Part II

Joy of StudioFBJ is back this week to continue her three part series on creating a Set Bag for on location shooting!  – KRISTIE


Part II of our three part “interactive” series:

In Part I of this series we talked about powders and brushes. By now, you should have had a chance to get yours all ready for your bag! In this series we are moving on to the lips!

Let’s talk LIPS.

There are multiple types of gloss and lipstick on the market! When packing your set bag there are a few things to consider. Will you be working in the outdoor heat and what type of look are you going for in your photos? Natural or strong? This will help with deciding what “type” lip you will need.

What are they and the main differences between lipgloss and lipstick?

Lipstick: is heavier and comes in a tube form. It is designed to provide more coverage and pigment. Lipstick can create a stonger feel to the overall end Lip result. Want to make a statement? A good Red Lipstick always gets attention! Generally, lipstick has better stay power than a gloss, and can also be used under a gloss as a base. It is made of waxes, oils and emollients.

Lipgloss: helps to give lips a glossy shine, and sometimes to add a little color. Sold as liquid or a soft solid, lipgloss ranges from opaque to almost solid in color and can contain frosts, foils and metallic finishes.

When deciding on which to carry, my default for on-location for my senior shoots is always gloss. Gloss can get warm, even hot and still be fine to use. It won’t melt like a lipstick and create a waxy mess.

So here is what you can do. You can start with your favorite color lipstick indoors. The lipstick will essentially coat the lips and provide a good base(be it shiny or matte-your choice). When you arrive ton location my trick is to carry a tinted pink or beige colored lipgloss to add to the bottom lip to refresh lips after each outfit change. I like to choose lipgloss with lots of metallic or frosts to create a shimmery bottom lip. The camera see’s all of this as a “light” and will create a beautiful picture of the lips. Here are some of my favorites. Happy Shopping!

Stila: Magnificent Metal Lip Gloss

Mixologe: EnLipSia

Nyx: Butter Lips