Hello everyone!   Stacey Dershem here with another Eye on Fashion twist.  Today we’re going to focus on an essential component of senior fashion – Make-Up.  Make-up can make or break your senior photo session, so it’s extremely important to know how to get the best camera-ready results. I interviewed make-up artist Mariah Vo to get the latest and greatest of make-up trends for this season.  The images below show Mariah prepping girls for a concept shoot (heavier make-up) as well as some of her regular senior work.  Enjoy!


Mariah, what trends are you seeing in Senior Make-up this season?

1. Bright, bold lips- You’ll see these everywhere during spring and summer. They instantly brighten your look and add a playful hint.

2. Colored eye liner- Having a nude look with a colored cat eye is so fun and fashionable. Even using your regular makeup routine and smudging your favorite summer color under your bottom lashes is a cool way to add more color to your look.

3. bronzed skin- gold toned highlighters on the cheek bones enhance your radiance and gold toned bronzers across your forehead, on your temples, and in the hollows of your cheeks add warmth to your skin.

What is the best way Seniors can prepare for their Senior Photoshoot make-up session?

– Exfoliate your skin 4-7 days prior to your photoshoot so that you can slough off all your dead skin that could cause the “caking” look in certain areas of your face with makeup. This makes applying makeup and easier!

– Schedule an appointment with a fabulous artist who can meet your needs.

– If you’re doing your own makeup, remember to keep it natural, you want to look like yourself! But you’ll also want to apply a little more makeup than usual so you can see it in pictures. Also, SPF can show up shiny in photography and carrying around a compact powder for touch-ups is always a good idea.

What is the biggest mistake you see in make-up applications amongst Seniors?

Too much bottom liner and nothing on the top of the eyes! You want to create a healthy balance with colors and depth along the top and bottom or your eyes. If you’re too heavy handed with liner on the bottom, your eyes will look tired and harsh.

Thank you for your insights Mariah!  Your work is gorgeous.  If you’d like to see more of Mariah’s work, stop by and see her on Facebook!