Eye on Fashion | Ikat

Today’s Eye on Fashion is brought to you by Ashley Westphal Seniors.One of this season’s hottest trends in fashion AND home design is Ikat.  (Did you know that Ikat is not a brand or designer, but rather a method of dying fabric?  The method itself dates back centuries!)

This season, we are seeing it everywhere–dresses, shorts, even maxi skirts, and I’ve pulled together a sampling for you here!  These looks would make great additions to any senior session, and transcend beyond what we typically think of as ikat (Boho) and into classic, trendy, and California beach casual.

Ikat 1
Ikat 2
Ikat 3
Ikat 4


Ashley Westphal is a high school senior portraits photographer based out of Atlanta, GA, but also serving the Grand Forks, ND area.  Ashley specializes in bright+bold+fearless seniors who have big dreams!  You can see Ashley’s other Eye on Fashion posts here, here, here, and here.