Eye on Fashion | Guy Style – HATS



Last week Devon J. Imagery wrote a great post for What to Wear Wednesday Feature! In this post she talked about multiple great ideas to add interest to a portrait session. One of her suggestions was to add a hat to the outfit. This is not only a great idea for our girls, but especially for our guys! Adding a hat can do many things:

1) Add color, texture and style to the outfit

2) Create an accessory/object that can be used in posing

3) Add a personal interest to the image( a favorite team hat for example)

It seems that many of our questions about guy sessions are about posing and adding a hat to the outfit can help give a place to pose hands or have the guy hold the hat instead of wearing it.

Hats come in so many different options and styles that every guy can find one that fits their look!

Check out just a few styles I found! – KRISTIE



Hats - Accessorize the guys