Hello Fashionistas!  It’s Stacey from Stacey Dershem Photography!  As promised last time, I’m back with another themed shoot inspired by the movie, The Great Gatsby.  Any time a movie like this comes out, it’s a given that we’ll see trends inspired by the movie reflected in fashion.  Be it a resurgence of the “Bob” hairstyle, the drop-waisted dress, blingy headbands, jewelry with pearls, diamonds and art deco features….you can almost bet we’ll be seeing lots of it!  And I say ‘bring it’ – the styles are SO fresh and fun to incorporate into your Senior shoot (or in your own wardrobe!)  I’m a big fan of the Jazz Age anyway, so I started looking for inspiration for this shoot just as soon as I learned the movie was coming out.  As we started planning the details, I showed my Class of 2014 models several inspiration images of what I was looking for, and they did a fantastic job of coming up with the perfect outfits.  My make-up artist, Mariah Vo, and hairstylist Maria Skuba were able to perfectly style the girls’ hair and make-up.  The icing on the cake was the gorgeous headbands supplied by Sally of Elise Victoria Designs on Etsy.   Throw in a few vintage locations, (including the gorgeous Ambassador Hotel in Wichita, KS), an awesome 1920’s Ford Sedan, a beautiful day, and we were ready to go!  I hope the images from our shoot inspire you to add Gatsby accents to your next sessions!  Stop by my Facebook page for more inspiration from the shoot in the coming days!