EYE ON FASHION | from paper to picture

sometimes it’s hard to communicate a fashion idea…
an idea that you’ve seen in a magazine, on a blog, or just something that you’ve thought up and would like to try and re-create in your next session!

I’m a visual person, so for this week’s EYE ON FASHION post,
I’ve decided to take my latest best friend session and deconstruct it a bit so that you can see an idea that started on paper and ended up with some pretty fun AND fashionable idea’s! 🙂

here’s a simple finished image from their session…we found an old cafe off the highway which fit with the americana/road-trip vibe of their session!  bright colors, open road and two best friends!  a great concept to try and re-create for you photographer’s out there! 🙂



so for lizzie’s deconstruction board…she focused mostly on a boho look with a bit of rocker chic throw-in…it fit the americana/boho/road-trip look they were going for in their session…notice how she kept on trend with the studded booties and striped t-shirt…and her cut-off shorts are hand made by her!  crazy cool! 🙂

ARMY boho chic


for lauren…she kept in theme with the americana/road-trip vibe but adding her own glam chic style that stayed true with her classy yet fashionable personality…remember when I talked about graphic tee’s and layering a while back? well, this is an easy way for you to add your own personal touch…make a statement, broadcast a cause you care about…anything graphic goes! 🙂

ROCKER boho chic

I hope this helps in planning for your next senior session!
as always, MUCH love!
stop by and say hello if you get a chance!