EYE ON FASHION | for the photographer

I know many of you look forward to the Eye on Fashion column to get idea’s to communicate to your fashionable clients for their next session,
but today I want to focus on YOU.
yes, you. 🙂
you the photographer, who while you’re not the focus of the session, I find myself chatting often with other photographer’s on what to wear to sessions.
for me, I’ve nailed it down to a mix and match uniform of sorts…
before I break it down for you,
let’s start with what you’re shooting with…
no, I’m not going to start a great debate on nikon or canon…we all know which is best. 😉

no, I’m talking about what’s around your neck or wrist…STRAPS!
we all love to pull out a new frame and proudly display their camera logo around our neck’s,
but what if you’re looking to be a little more fashionable with your “necklaces” or “bracelets”? 😉
I’m partial to Phat Straps and Bloom Theory straps,
but I’ve heard great reviews about all of these as well…which is your favorite?

fashion straps for PHOTOGRAPHERS

the other thing to think about in displaying yourself as a fashionable senior photographer is your CAMERA BAG!
I’m all about the function of things…if it doesn’t suit my needs, I won’t use it.
that’s why I love, love, LOVE my Kelly Moore 2-Sues Bag in Raspberry…function AND fashion!
it just doesn’t get any better for me…here are a few more for some visual inspiration…which do you love?

fashion bags for PHOTOGRAPHERS

but jen, you say, what do YOU wear to your sessions?! 🙂
I feel strongly that if a fashionable senior is hiring you for a session,
you should know a smidge about fashion and be able to present yourself as such…
so, here you go…me, deconstructed! 🙂

I’m crazy about Steve Madden shoes in real life and madden boots are THE best for me at sessions…
even if it’s 100+ degree’s outside in Arizona, they’re on my feet at every session and I’ve built up quite the collection now!
because they protect me while still being fashionable, freeing me up to focus solely on my client…
in short, they make me feel invincible!
long grass, low angle in jagged rocks, cactus prickers, oh MY?!
no problem…these babies work hard to protect me, don’t fall apart and don’t mind the abuse I give them!

as far as jeans, I’m not super “fancy”
I wreck these fairly often and don’t want to spend a ton of money on expensive jeans when
Old Navy offer’s them relatively inexpensively…I can keep them in stock and stay fashionable at the same time! 🙂
skinnies are a must for me to tuck into my boots and
a little stretch never hurt anyone when you’re going for that loooooow angle. 😉

the jewelry and flowy top’s change with the season…
right now I’m super into seed-bead jewelry in bold colors with coordinating/contrasting embroidered tops…
again, the focus isn’t on me at sessions and I don’t want to think about having to adjust a shirt at all during the session…
they gotta work for me, not against me! 🙂
here’s an example of what I typically might show up in to a session this season:

DECONSTRUCTING | jen of kreatid

so that’s fashion for the photographer!
I’d LOVE to hear your opinions on what you swear by for your own fashion at sessions!
as always, MUCH love to you and feel free to drop by to say hello! 🙂