EYE ON FASHION | fashion fix-it kit

I’m back from winter vacation and in full “resolution/improvement mode” this January. 🙂
so for today’s EYE ON FASHION post, rather than talk about the latest trend’s with you I’d like to encourage you to resolve to continue to set-yourself apart from your competition and add to your gear this little fashion-fix-it DIY tool-box kit!
well, if you’re like me, the majority of your clients are on-location…
being so close to phoenix, that means on-location for me can be anywhere from in the salt river scaling rocks,
or in the desert dodging cacti, or in an open cotton field hanging out with the garden snakes,
or even getting down and dirty in an asphalt urban alley…
being on-location opens up you AND your clients to additional elements that may make being at your most fashion-forward best challenging…
that’s why you’ll find in the back of my car along with my photo-gear my little tool box I like to call my “fashion-fix-it kit“.
(catchy, don’t you think?) 😉
in it you’ll find everything I might need to fix a fashion emergency while on-location…
not only does it not slow your creativity flow while you’re shooting knowing you have a handy-dandy-fashion-fix-it kit at your fingertips should the need arise,
BUT it allows your clients to have full confidence in you should you need to help repair any minor fashion emergencies!

what’s in this magical little tool box?
you can put whatever you think you might need into yours, but here’s a peek into mine:


1. band-aid’s. These are mainly for me.  I don’t know why, but somehow – someway, “things” just happen to me.
call it accident prone, call it being a klutz…whatever, I can never have too many band-aid’s in my life. 🙂
2. zyrtec-d. again, mainly for me…but sometimes when you are and your client are frolicking through the cotton field’s…THIS little pill will be the difference between ginormous puffy eyes and perfectly made-up fashionable eyes…it’s the best allergy medicine out there (IMO). THAT BEING SAID, if you’re photographing a minor, MAKE SURE that you have parents consent to share!  (see how I used BOLD and CAPS letters to really emphasize not being the next breaking bad drug dealer…
always get permission!) 🙂
3. clear eyes – cooling. again, puffy eyes vs. perfectly made-up peeper’s. I’ll take the latter, please.
4. clean hair brush. sometimes “wispy’s” (what I call fly-away baby hairs.) take over and this brush just smooths them down for the shot.
5. wet ones. remember those river rocks I told you about? well, they sometimes have mud on them…and probably germs…these babies clean up quick AND kill germs. win, win.
6. shout wipes. again, those muddy rocks? these will make your clients mom happy when she does the wash…
never had a stain yet!
7. hair ties. your client comes with perfectly curled hair but then half-way through her session you both agree that a sloppy top-knot would be the perfect addition to her preppy fashion-chic outfit…wallah! hair ties in your magical fashion-fix-it-kit! 🙂
8. chapstick. I love getting to photograph my guy clients, but sometimes I notice that their lips are just a smidge chapped and they could use a little lip balm. so I whip out my chapstick (wet one on the finger first and then use their finger to apply) and it makes my post-process all the more easier thanks to freshly balmed guy lips!
9. fingernail clippers. hang nails happen to the best of us…snip, snip and you’re good to go!
10. lint roller. I know your client loves their Fido, but I’m fairly certain no one wants dog hair as part of their finished senior image on their black jeans. they see me rollin’… 😉
11. water. you can get pretty parched out here in the desert. I ALWAYS recommend bringing two water bottles…one for you and one to share!  sharing is caring.
12. bobby pins. just like band-aid’s, you can never have enough bobby pins…“one, is never enough.”
13. nail files. accidents happen to the best intended manicures…file just a smidge and your client is good to go!
14. Neutrogena blotting sheets. this is a brand name thing (there are probably generic ones), but these little towelette’s really work AND they don’t take off the make-up. perfect for when it’s hot out (and PHX can get HOT!) and you need to take a little shine off…it happens to the best of us.
15. hair spray. imagine setting up the perfect shot and you’re just about to “click” when you notice that ONE hair that refuses to conform…it’s there, taunting you in rebellion…psfft! you win because of your handy-dandy-fashion-fix-it-kit! 😉
16. INVISIBLE dry shampoo spray. again, it gets hot out here in arizona. I happen to have fine, thin hair and this stuff is made by genius’…AND you don’t have to work in the white powder that most dry shampoo’s seem to have…keeps fashionista’s hairs light and fluffy!
17. static guard. it’s actually cold right now in PHX (no, not cold like the rest off the world but us arizonan’s still shiver on occasion.) static seems to be in full-power…help your client out and spray their adorable chiffon/cotton free people dress down so that when they twirl for their pic’s, the dress actually twirls with them and doesn’t stick for dear life to their legs!
18. laundry stain stick. it’s a slight different version of a shout wipe, but works in a snap too…I’m sure your client would appreciate getting to wear their senior session outfits again sans stains!

so there you go!
your fashion-fix-it kit…make yours today and throw it in the back of your car and leave it there…
you never know when a fashion emergency might strike and this way you’ll be prepared and ready!

happy new year to you all!
MUCH love to you all…feel free to drop by and say hi on my facebook page
or better yet, don’t just say hi, share a pic of YOUR fashion-fix-it kit with me…I’d love a peek into YOUR fashion-fix-it kit!