Eye on Fashion – Fall Color Combo Favorite Teal and Burnt Orange

Ahh Fall! The cooler temps, football games, AND of course new clothes! I love Fall sessions simply because the colors and styles begin to change and it is always a fresh start. Accessories are always an awesome addition and with the cooler temperatures we can layer layer layer!
Sarah Modene(check her out!) posted a totally cute outfit she was wearing for one of her shoots this last weekend and I fell in love with the color combo. I knew I had to share it here as one of my favorite combos of the Fall. The rules are still the same and complimentary colors are always great for outfits. For cooler seasons and to give  a moodier look we can simply combine richer and deeper combinations. Burnt orange and teal are an amazing variation of the typical blue and orange complimentary color scheme. In the summer brights are fabulous. With the leaves changing and the mood of the season I love this look! Whether you focus on the teal and add burnt orange accessories OR wear mostly orange with teal accents you can’t go wrong! Thanks Sarah for the inspiration! – KRISTIE

Fall Color Favorite - Teal and Burnt Orange