Eye on Fashion | Fall 2013

Today’s Eye on Fashion is brought to you by Ashley Westphal Seniors in Alpharetta, GA.

Today’s post is all about a little sneak peak into the fall trends.   Not only are we seeing some carry over from summer trends (with a fall twist–hello, green and color blocking!), but we’re seeing some new trends as well (check out those new patterns!).

These images were clipped to polyvore from Harpers Bazaar, so click here if you want more info!

Without further ado…



Grey Fall 2013
Colorblocked Neutrals
American Cozy
Green Fall 2013
Tux Fall 2013
Pattern Fall 2013
Leather fall 2013

Ashley Westphal is a high school senior portrait photographer in Alpharetta, GA serving bright, bold, fearless seniors with a big dream.