Eye on Fashion| Elbow Patches

When I photograph my seniors I love texture. I look for it in my locations, but also in their outfit choices. Layering gives a great texture affect, but little details in their clothing can add texture as well. Elbow patches are a cool little detail that can take an outfit to a new level. Elbow patches can be seen in a variety of styles. Whether preppy, comfy, trendy or sweet, an elbow patch is a great way to add a special touch. I love them on sweaters, jackets and even t-shirts! Add a pop of color, contrasting fabric or even a fun shape! – KRISTIE

Elbow patches can work to add a sweet touch to a tough look when they come in hearts:)

Elbow Patch - romantic


Coffee shops are a totally cute location to shoot seniors. A casual look with touches of leather bring the coffee feel to the look. Love a leather elbow patch! (and coffee!).
Elbow Patch - coffee shop