Eye on Fashion | Color Blocking

Hi fellow Senior Style Guiders 🙂

My name is Raquel Lehman from Raquel Lehman Photography and based out of Alberta, Canada. I’m over the moon to be one of Senior Style Guide’s new fashion bloggers! I grew up in England where people LOVE to follow all the new fashion trends so i love to see what a senior brings to a shoot, mix and match their pieces to come up with something fresh.

The trend i’m in love with right now is called ‘color blocking’. Color Blocking is basically teaming blocks of colors together to create harmony in your look. From pastel colors like mint and peach, to bold blues, reds and golds, all these gorgeous colours will make for some fun and vibrant shoots this spring…which after 6 long months of snow i am personally very excited about!

Lets start with pastels. Below the outfit you will see a layout of pantones that are in this season.


Colour block pastels


Reds are going to be big this season too. Team it with black and you have a sharp look for an urban setting.

Colour Blocking RED


I love that color blocking can be bold but simple. Stick to one main colour then accessorize your look with bold statements.

Colour Block Yellow


And sticking to the same color family like pinks and oranges will look amazing in print!

colour block fuschia


Raquel Lehman is a Senior and Child Photographer based out of Lloydminster, Alberta in Canada. You can find her on facebook, on her website , Pinterest, Instagram and Polyvore.