Hi everyone!  It’s Stacey D with a new twist on Eye on Fashion…today we’re going to focus on setting the mood of a group themed shoot through fashion and accessories.  Group shoots alone or themed shoots alone can be a TON of work, but put them together and the task is almost daunting.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Let me share a few easy steps to preparing for your themed shoot.  Once you’ve chosen the theme:

1.  Research the Theme

* Those of you who know me know what I’m going to say here – Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest!  No need to go anywhere else for inspiration; Pinterest can be your one-stop shop for ideas.  Such a timesaver!  Make a list of possible props while you’re researching.

 2.  Decide on Must-Have Props and Wardrobe to Set the Tone

* I have seen a lot of boho shoots using the gorgeous tent and pillow sets, but I wanted to do something a little different.  I decided the MUST-HAVE prop for this shoot would be a VW bus.  I started out finding one by asking everyone I know, and that led to two van possibilities for     us.  People are usually happy to help if you ask.  The VW Bus owner who was available on the day we had our shoot had a bus that he was repairing so it didn’t run.  Fortunately, it was parked in his driveway, so we just decided to shoot there.  Be creative!

* Once the key prop was secured, wardrobe was next.  If you’re not supplying wardrobe for the shoot, you’ll need to educate your models on the look you want.  I started a boho Pinterest board for my team to help communicate what I was looking for.  I supplied other key wardrobe pieces like headbands, a daisy garland, and other accessories I had jotted down while doing my research.

3.  Choose Hair and Make-up that Match the Theme

*  Yep, Pinterest again.  I had help from two hair stylists, and I showed them the hairstyle looks I had pinned for inspiration.  They did an awesome job of being creative and providing a variety of looks.  Consider trading out their work in exchange for a photo session or discount at a later date (thanks Annie and Jessica!)

4.  If Applicable, use Editing Techniques to Reinforce the Tone

*  I knew I wanted to use an aged look of some kind on my editing, and played around a bit.  A vintage matte edit gave me the look and feel I was looking for.

It’s as simple as that!  Take a look at what we came up with below.  I’d love to see what your take on a Boho shoot would look like!  Special thanks to my models and stylists – such a fun time!

I’ll see you again soon, and we’ll take a look at another fun themed shoot – Spring Tea Party!