guys, señor’s, dudes, broseph’s, chaps or gentlemen…however you call it, this post is for you. 🙂
little secret about me as a photographer, guys are some of my favorite people to photograph.
but the question I’m asked a lot of you, is WHAT should you wear?!
girls have it somewhat of a broader range in making fashion decisions for their senior session…
go to the nearest Forever 21 and you have myriads of bold choices to enhance your session!
guys, on the other hand, check out great options in Buckle, American Apparel & Urban Outfitters.
my advice would be to not over think it.
in fact, the K.I.S.S. method is my best advice…keep it simple, son! (you have to say it like Willie Robertson for full effect.) 😉
my favorite images of guys are the ones who are fashionably classic who stand the test of time…think Ryan Gosling or Jake Gyllenhaal.

so what should you look for?
well if you’re being photograph by me, I like the mildly colored denim (gray) with a color pop V-neck t-shirt that you could layer with a cuffed button down shirt…add a statement watch (we-wood is my absolute favorite…made out of wood!) and cool belt and you’re good to go.  as an added bonus, spritz on some of my personal favorite guys cologne, Swiss Army, and you’re extra good to go!

the only other advice I would give to you gents is pay attention to skin care.
yes, I know hormones are raging ;), but hydration and regular skin care up to thirty days before your session will produce your best head shot images! 🙂

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as always, much love and don’t be shy to stop by and say “hello!” on my facebook page or feel free to share your own fashion inspiration or secrets!






jen of kreatid photography + design is a senior photographer based out of Arizona.