Eye on Fashion: A Teen’s Perspective // Your Signature Look

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I once was good friends with a girl who made a point to always wear a silver seahorse necklace, no matter what the rest of her outfit was. Another friend of mine never left anywhere without her leather jacket, and yet another couldn’t been seen without her little red purse. These little insignificant items became accessories which I came to associate so specifically with each of my friends, and to this day I can’t see a brown leather jacket without being reminded of a girl I knew in middle school.

Fashion is always shifting, always changing. What you have in your closet now will mostly all be in a matter of years. However, don’t underestimate the importance of your own signature style, or accessory. I always recommend keeping up to date on fashion and dressing for recent trends, but sometimes it’s so very nice to have one specific part of your outfit that is 100% uniquely you, even though it may be a silver seahorse necklace.  So here’s to being the fashionable, trendy teenagers we always are, yet also maintaining our individuality, and remaining different from everyone else in our own small ways. So my recommendation is this– find the ways that make your style uniquely your own, and embrace it.