Eye on Fashion: A Teen’s Perspective // Over-sized Sweaters

One of the most mentioned items of clothing for fall is the sweater, yes? Patterned sweaters, aztec sweaters, oversized sweaters, knit sweaters, etc. As a high schooler, I can’t walk down a single hallway between classes without seeing at least a dozen different sweaters.


Okay, so you’ve decided to purchase a sweater for fall- where to begin? What type? I’m going to spend the next two weeks on two major trends of sweaters this season and how to wear them.


This week I’d like to spend a bit of time on over-sized sweaters. These are my FAVORITE. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, you can wear them dozens of ways.

1. Belt it! Give it shape- the main challenge of over-sized sweaters is that oftentimes they hide your figure. Get a thick belt- either with studs, a trendy design, or one that simply matches your color scheme, and belt your sweater around your waist.

2. The most common way of wearing over-sized sweaters is tights and leggings. If you’re going to go that route, my suggestion is to use your tights as a platform for showing off your individual style. Shy away from boring neutrals- wear brightly colored tights with crazy designs. Maybe even a pair of leather leggings if you’re feeling edgy.

3. Wear a pencil/mini skirt. This will offset the largeness of the sweater and make the outfit more balanced.

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