Eye on Fashion: A Teen’s Perspective // Legwarmers

With the abrupt change in temperatures many of us have experienced the past few months, I for one often have trouble keeping my legs and feet warm. Yes, of course theres always heavy socks and boots. But what if you want to wear flats or pumps? The answer, as many of you know, lies in the wonderfully versatile invention of legwarmers.

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Legwarmers have become increasingly popular recently, partially because they can be worn with just about anything: dresses, skirts, pants, even jeans. I’d suggest buying a pair of black and grey legwarmers, and then supplementing your wardrobe with various colors as you see fit.

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There are a few rules of thumb you should try to abide by when wearing them:


  1. Unless you want your legwarmers to make a statement or be a focal point of your outfit, try to stick with neutral colors, as they won’t detract very much from the rest of your outfit.


  1. Legwarmers are meant to be scrunched up! Don’t pull them up until they’re too flat. If you’re wearing boots, try to shoot for them to stick 2-6 inches out from the top of the boot. With tha being said, make sure they aren’t too long either- the bottom of your legwarmers should rest somewhere below your ankle, but not low enough to reach the ground.


3. Stay away from the neon 80’s look. Yes, the legwarmers are a look borrowed from the 80’s, but we certainly don’t have to borrow ALL the trends from that decade.