Eye on Fashion: A Teen’s Perspective // In Defense of All Things Girly

With the increasing popularity of such things as leather jackets, pants, and graphic t-shirts, sometimes it’s hard to embrace the girly side of things.

On the fashion runways this season there have been a great deal of full 60’s length skirts popping up- reminding us all of the importance of embracing our feminine side. Sure, jeans and a t-shirt are great for everyday, but theres no shame in dressing it up a bit every once in a while(or as often as you like!).


A dress is always a surefire way to show off your femininity. I’d recommend those with full skirts and modest tops~ dressed up with lip gloss and pearly earrings, of course.


Lipstick is another way to go- even an action as simple as putting some red lipstick on can drastically alter your look and dress it up.


And then of course there’s pink! And lace! And pear necklaces! And high heels! And flower headbands! We live in a day and age where guys and girls clothing is becoming more and more homogenous~ this is not necessarily a bad thing. However, I believe it’s important to, every once in a while, pay tribute to the Marilyns of the past and relish in the pretty and glamorous clothes that separate us from the boys.


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