Eye on Fashion: A Teen’s Perspective // How to Wear Neon

What was thought to be a short-lived fashion trend is settling in to stay for a few more seasons at least–That’s right, neon. Though neon is still consistently popping up on the runways and in stores, I haven’t noticed a great deal of normal teens my age wearing neon on an every-day basis. Perhaps this is because, as ELLE online put is, “wearing neon is the style equivalent of texting in all caps”. Wearing neon is a bold decision, and if you don’t wear it correctly, it could turn out disastrous. Most people just find it easier to not risk it and avoid neon altogether.


But there’s hope– neon isn’t very hard to wear, so long as you try and abide by a few basic rules:


  1. What color neon to wear? The same rules that apply to your normal wardrobe apply here. Stick to amplified versions of colors that already look good on you– if your skin tone doesn’t work well with navy blue, it is NOT a good idea to opt for the electric blue shirt.
  2. There are two ways to pair things with neon: use neutrals, or colorblocking. Neutrals(white, black, tan) are always safe, yet be careful with black as the wrong colors could create a look that’s a bit too 80’s. As far as colorblocking, familiarize yourself with the complementary colors(look at a color wheel online– colors on opposite ends to each other on the color wheel are complimentary!).
  3. If you’re still scared about making the leap to neon, start small with some brightly colored accessories. It’s VERY fashionable to pair a black and white outfit with neon yellow pumps, and it is a bit subtler that perhaps an ultraviolet dress. Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.22.21 PM