Eye on Fashion: A Teen’s Perspective // High-waisted Shorts

A great way to look fashionable and trendy during the hot summer months is by wearing high-waisted shorts. The great thing about this style of shorts is that they’re a fashion staple you can wear with just about anything.

For a  nautical look, pair some black or navy blue shorts with a blue striped top, sandals, and red cardigan. Add red lipstick and cat-eye black liner for some cute pin-up flair. High-waisted shorts have undeniable roots in vintage clothing, so it’s not a far stretch to use them to create a classic, vintage summer wardrobe.


senior style guide eye on fashion teen fashion

High-waisted shorts are also becoming increasingly edgy and “modern. They come in all sorts of styles and shapes: ripped, bejeweled, patterned, textured, neon, etc. This makes them SUPER fun to wear, and a great way to show off your individual style.


Don’t want to buy anything too edgy? No problem! Buy a pair of plain denim high-waisted shorts. Denim high-waisted shorts is a great investment, as they can be paired with just about any top (graphic tees, crop tops, blouses, etc.) They also tend to be very cheap(about 15$ at forever 21!).  If the weather gets chilly or you’re looking for something to make your outfit super trendy, you can always wear a pair of lacey or geometric black tights underneath.


senior style guide eye on fashion teen fashion