Eye on Fashion: A Teen’s Perspective \\ Denim

Everyone owns some denim, right?As probably the most worn clothing staple of our generation, it seems all of us have at least one pair of jeans in our closet. However, denim has recently become more popular as denim-on-denim-outfits, embellished jeans, and all sorts of other denim clothing items are showing up on the runway and are becoming increasingly popular.

Denim-on-denim is a trend that’s become very popular recently. Along with jeans or denim shorts, wear a denim jacket or a denim-colored shirt. As long as they aren’t the same color or shade, denim-on-denim is a great way is a great way to keep up with the latest fashion trends

senior style guide eye on fashion teen fashion

Jeans are also getting to be a great way to express your creativity and individualism. You can buy jeans that are bedazzled, washed out, ripped, colored, and even have patterns printed on it. Have fun experimenting with all sorts of different styles of jeans~ express yourself!


Denim jackets are also an easy way to quickly add style to any outfit. Throw a jacket over any sort of dress to instantly make your outfit cool and casual.

senior style guide eye on fashion teen fashion