Eye on Fashion: A Teen’s Perspective // Aztec Sweaters

Last week I spent some time on over-sized sweaters and  a variety of ways to wear them. Going along the same theme, I want to put in a word or two this week regarding the uber-trendy aztec sweaters. These sweaters are often open-front, and are meant to drape unbuttoned/unclasped. They come in a variety of colors, scream “cozy fall outfit”, and can liven up even the most simple of ensembles. The best part? They’re relatively inexpensive, and therefore a great purchase for fall.


The trick about aztec sweaters is that the sweater itself is the focal point of the outfit- try to stick with single-colored cotton shirts and tees underneath. If your sweater is made up of completely neutral colors, you can wear any color shirt you like. However, if your sweater is made up of a handful of colors, as most of them are, wear a shirt which is either a neutral color, or one that matches a color on the sweater. Basic rule of thumb 🙂


As far as jewelry, the new trend of jewelry made of gemstones, minerals, and geodes pair quite nicely with aztec sweaters- I’d recommend a couple bracelets or a pendant necklace.


Aztec sweaters are best worn with tights pants or leggings and boots. Dark skinny jeans also work wonderfully. Not only are aztec sweaters incredibly popular(I see them around my high school ALL the time) , but they really are perfect for those days when you want to retain your comfort while still looking cute.


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