Eye on Business | What’s YOUR Problem?


It’s time.  Time for some kick-in-the-pants motivation on today’s Eye On Business with Suzanne, your worst nightmare.  Just kidding, I’m not one bit intimidating unless my Mama claws come out.  Don’t mess with my cubs and we’ll be just fine.

Right now?  It’s the perfect time to jumpstart your senior photography business.  You aren’t scared, are you?  If you are, good.

If you’re thinking, “Nope, I’m good…bring it!”  Just remember this quote.  It’s great to have confidence but it’s even better to always be willing to improve, whether in your art or in your business.


Recently, I read a blog post from Michael Port and it completely knocked the wind out of me.  You see, my business has been blessed with some awesome growth this year and I was starting to feel a little complacent.  Like I could take a breather and relax.  Until I read that,  “Our personality, our style, or way of being has great impact on the way our business develops, the way it’s run and its potential for the future.”  In other words, our business problems are usually because of our PERSONAL problems.  Zing.

I’m not your therapist.  I’m not your mother.  I’m not your best friend.  However, because I love you guys (remember that), I am going to put myself out there on the ledge and air my own top senior photography “business” problems that I plan to work through instead of taking that breather.

  • Over-bookers Anonymous – New challenges invigorate me.  But, I’m a chronic over-booker and I constantly underestimate how much time it will actually take to complete everything on my to-do list.  This is all at the expense of my family and friends and ultimately, my business.  It’s time to evaluate my work/life priorities so that neither my family OR my clients have to suffer unnecessarily when I’m stretched too thin.  
  • Distractible Debbie – I admit it.  I like shiny things.  I like  LOVE Pinterest.  My favorite downtime guilty pleasure is to read blogs.  I can get totally enveloped by all the coolness in this world that my to-do list must often nudge me to get started.  Because I don’t want some attention medication messing with my me-ness, I must intentionally FOCUS on what I want my senior photography business to become.  Oh, remember my first post on goals?  Oh yeah, it’s time to go back and reread it HERE.  Let’s close the deal on those goals!
  •  Negative Nellie – She rents a space in my head with Distractible Debbie.  I need to start surrounding myself with more positive energy and people.  I also plan to be that Positive Polly for others.

Hopefully, seeing this list will motivate you to reflect on how you can keep moving your own business forward, instead staying stagnant and asking why you aren’t getting exactly what you want.  It completely makes sense that whatever we struggle with in our personal lives, will most definitely spill over into our business lives.

Not extroverted?  You may struggle with posing your clients or with returning those phone calls.

Overwhelmed with technology?  You may lag in getting your business on social media outlets or updating your website .

Low self-esteem?  You may find yourself constantly comparing yourself and degrading your work against other photographers.

Your senior photography business is calling.  Your passion is calling.  You are MEANT to do this.  Start looking at who you are and who you want to become.  Find someone else to hold you accountable and push you forward when you need a nudge.  Need that someone?  I ask that all of you join me over on FACEBOOK or email me at mellottphotography@yahoo.com if you need that someone and that personal encouragement.  We can be each other’s best worst nightmares.  I’ll be your person.  (Gosh, I love Gray’s…see totally distractible.)