Eye on Business | My Top Five REreads

Is it REALLY almost Christmas?  By the looks of my own office as well as everyone’s posts on FACEBOOK, you’re feeling much the way I am.  Time to take a few minutes to recap, relax, and reread a few of my favorite posts from this year.  Grab a hot beverage, a blanket, and a notebook and check out my five favorite articles from my own Eye on Business posts this year.   I may have to go back and pick out my top faves from Jodee’s posts too 😉

Be the First One Picked on the Playground – All about getting your work featured.

How to Please a Senior Who Wants It All – Why this is a GOOD thing.

What is Happening to This Industry? – Definitely my most popular post.

Breaking Into the Senior Market – Read up on some of my favorite tips.

Should I Hire a Makeup Artist? – In a word…Yes.

Show Off With a Promo Video – Check out all the videos submitted!

5 Ways to Earn the Gushiest, Most Awesome WOM for Your Business – Oh, these are good 😉

Ok, ok…so there are seven.  Maybe it’s the late nights or maybe it’s because I want all of you to succeed at this gig.  Read up and then catch up with me over on FACEBOOK, I love to chat!