Eye on Business | Is Your ‘Tude Hurting Your Business

Happy, happy Tuesday SSG followers (almost Wednesday – yikes)! I’m Jodee Ball, owner of JP Ball Photography and I have yet another confession to make to you. Sometimes, I have a {snap, snap, snap} bad attitude. Now that’s not something I’d admit to just anyone so, uh, you should feel special.

I like to consider myself an expert in bad attitude detection. After all, I am a mother to a four year old girl. And a fourTEEN year old girl. Feel free to send me messages of encouragement on Facebook page.

But, in all seriousness, a bad attitude could be the key component standing in your way of success! You may not even realize it or the impact your thoughts and words are having on you as an artist and on you as a business owner.

Here are 4 C’s that indicate your attitude might be holding you back!

Complaining  –  Do you find yourself constantly complaining about your work load (or lack thereof), your client’s demands, your equipment wants/needs, etc.? Maybe ask a colleague or loved one this question. You’ll probably get a more accurate answer. Everyone needs to vent at certain times in life and career, but complaining is a constant negative vibe on your life!

If you are focusing on what is negative, then you are missing what is positive! Start a mini journal just to jot down the great things about your career and business throughout the day. Your mindset will start to transform because you are focusing on the good, not the bad.

Criticizing – Do you remember learning in school that when we talk about others it is really because we feel badly about ourselves? Well… there you have it! I’m not talking about helpful critiquing (that is solicited by an artist), but finding everything wrong with another photographer or his/her work. Even to the point of personal insult.

Instead, realize that you could be equally as successful and talented and know that your style may be completely different. Look for what you like and don’t like in someone’s work and use that information to shape your own work.  Again, if you are focusing on someone else, how can you possibly be helping yourself to grow as a photographer?

Comparing – Oi – this is my downfall! And I think it is an attitude problem. I think there are healthy comparisons that can be made among photographers’ work and then completely unhealthy, defeating comparisons. We are all different! Getting discouraged because you feel you’ll never be the next famous x,y,z photographer will only serve to hold you back, which leads to the 4th point….

Listening to your Censor – This is your inner voice and mine hardly ever shuts up! She is always telling me I shouldn’t be in this business. My work sucks. I’ll never be as good as so and so. It’s extremely annoying when I hear her voice in my head. But I’ve learned to push through those moments of insecurity. I look back at where I started and where I have come in this journey. When I go through these times with a chatty Censor, I always find something new to learn or I start a personal project. Just SOMETHING to challenge my mind and help me to push forward.

Don’t let your attitude slow you down! Recognize the signs and stay positive. Be true to yourself! Your seniors will see your positive outlook as confidence!