Eye on Business | Is Your Business Trademarked?

Authentic.  Original.  You.  Are you growing tired of hearing these terms yet?  This year, authenticity seems to have been the theme.  By now, you should know that every aspect of your business must be infused with your originality that no one can duplicate perfectly.  But, regardless of what you’ve discovered that makes you unique, you must still offer clients exactly what they want.

One of my favorite business books, Worth Every Penny by Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck, talks in detail about how to thrill your customers over and over.  One of the chapters, The High-Touch Experience, focuses on the trademarks of a high-touch experience.  It sent me into that self-reflective place.  Now, it’s your turn.

  • When a client first comes in contact with YOUR business, what do you want their impression to be?  Stop being superficial.  Go deeper with your answer.
  • What is it about your images that stands out to your potential clients?  Ask a few clients/fans/strangers (not friends or family) if you don’t know (I did!) and what you learn will be invaluable.  You will find out if your potential clients are really forming the impression of your business that you want.
  • What about the experience with you is memorable?  Do you customize it as much as possible?  Do you offer an experience that other businesses do not?
  • Do you make your clients’ lives easier and go out of your way by identifying exactly what your target clients want and need?

So what are your trademarks?  Go into your self-reflective place and REALLY think about it.  Once you know your trademarks, you can base all of your business decisions around them.  Life may just get a little easier for you Ms./Mr. Business Owner 😉